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•3 months camp in Thailand
•Tigé owners meeting, Las Vegas
•Clinics in Seattle
•3rd place, Tigé my Wake, Orlando
•Surf Expo
•TV Show, Wake Dans’ Rue
•Camps in Quebec, Demo beach party
•2nd positiion, Koocanusa Wakesurf Challenge, B.C., Canada
•Camps at Koocanusa, Canada
•2nd position, NWWSA, Seattle
•Clinics in Seattle
•Bros Stock, Liquid Force event
•Tigé boat photo shoot
•Stop of the pro tour in Dallas
•1st position, Wake the Desert, San Angelo, Texas
•Clinics in San Angelo, Texas
•Doum and Tommy, Excellente wakesurf adventure, Liquid Force tour in the Midwest
•2nd position, USA Wakesurf  Nationals, Orlando, Florida
•Clinics in Orlando
•2nd position, West Coast Wakesurf Open, Camp Far West Lake, California
•Clinics in California
•Free for all, Texas
•Training, Texas
•Riding in a Volcano, Santa-Maria del Oro, Mexico
•Ocean surfing, all winter Mexico




•Wake camp in Tequesquitengo, Mexico
•Demo at Quicksilver Wakefest, Valle de Bravo, Mexico, wakeboard contest
•Private coaching in Texas, Atlanta, Florida
•Free for all Liquid Force, Texas
•Free for all Liquid Force, Florida
•1st position, Ukraine (Demo and clinics)
•Demo, clinics, Geneva, Switzerland
•Demo, clinics and judging contest, Moscow
•Demo, clinics in Stafa, Switzerland (Zurich)
•1st position and demo, GVA Tour, Geneva (Switzerland)
•Private coaching in Annecy, France
•Demo at the Amqui Xfest Beach Party
•Tigé Boat Dealer Meeting, photos and video shoot
•2nd place at the 10 000 Lakes Wakesurf Open, Mineapolis
•4th place at the World Wakesurf Championship, Parker AZ
•1st place at the Waketoberfest, Austin TX
•Demo, coaching in Québec, Hi-5
•Ocean surfing all winter, Mexico






  •  Wakesurf camp in Reynosa,Mexico
  • Private coaching and video shoot, Texas, Florida
  • 1st position, Battle Castle, Talloire, France
  • 1st position, King of the lake 1 stop, Théoule sur mer, France
  • 1st position, Wake+jam, Murten, Switzerland
  • 1st position, King of the lake 2 stop, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2nd position, Wakesurf festival, Murg (wallensee), Switzerland
  • 3rd position, World Wakesurf Championship, Minnéapolis, USA
  • 1st position, NWWSA Championships, Seattle (sammamish lake), USA
  • 1st position, Chill and Ride, Freistett, Germany
  • 1st position, King of the lake 4 stop, Talloire, France
  • Winner of the King of the lake tour
  • Wakesurf clinics in France, Switzerland, Usa, Russia, Canada


    • USA Champion
    • 1st position  in National, Ohio, USA
    • 1st position in the best tricks in National, Ohio, USA
    • Switzerland Champion
    • 1st position at Switzerland wakesurf festival
    • 1st position in the best tricks in Switzerland
    • Canadian champion
    • 1st position wakesurf cup, ST-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec
    • 2nd position at the king of the lake, Talloire, France
    • Winter training, 3 month in Argentina
    • apparitions,(wakes dans rue Trois-rivieres, Crux Magazine, Presse Nautique, TVA,journaux, contest Canada, Switzerland, USA, France) and…….
    • wakeboard and wakesurf lessons on saint-maurice river, France, Switzerland.




      • 2nd positions at the World Wakesurf Championship (Nashville, TN)
      • 1st position casaic lake Los-Angeles (USA)
      • Quebec champion of wakesurf
      • 1st position wakesurf cup (ST-Jean-sur-Richelieu)
      • 1st position challenge wakesurf Magog + demo
      • demo, Jamican beach party (Trois-Rivieres)
      • Winter training, 4.5 month in Argentina
      • apparitions,(wakes dans rue Trois-rivieres, Crux Magazine, Presse Nautique,
      • TVA,journaux)
      • wakeboard and wakesurf lessons on saint-maurice river


  • 3rd position at the World Wakesurf  Championship (Merced, California)
  • Quebec champion of wakesurf
  • 1st position, wakesurf cup (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu)
  • 1st position, challenge wakesurf contest(Magog)
  • Démo,  O’neill surf tour
  • Wake in the street event, Drummondville- Apparitions on TV (RDS, TVA, nouvelles, journaux, Presse Nautique, Mag 2000)
  • wakeboard and wakesurf lessons on saint-maurice river


  • Demonstration of wakeboard and wakesurf, Brise Glace (St-Anne de Bellevue)
  • Wake in the street event, Drummondville
  • Competition, Québéc Championship (St-Zotique) 6e position
  • Competition, Challenge Wakesurf Magog, 4e positions behind 2 Américains
  • Event, O’neill Surf Tour at Trois-Rivières
  • Demonstration of wakeboard and wakesurf, Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières
  • Demonstration party S3, Lac du Missionnaire
  • Demonstration of wakeboard and wakesurf  at l’AquaJam de Drummondville Marine
  •  wakeboard and wakesurf  lessons on saint-maurice river


  • 2 demonstrations of wakeboard at beach party at l’île St-Quentin (Trois-Rivières)
  • Demonstration at Festival des Deux Rivières at Saint-Stanislas
  • Demonstration at la Ronde (Montréal)
  • Competition of wakesurf in Magog (3e position)
  • Competition of wakeboard, Canadian Championship (5e position)
  • Filming for O’neill
  • Filming for TV « Parcours d’artistes » at Canal Évasion
  • Filming for TV in a regional program (projet universitaire)
  • Wakeboard and wakesurf lessons on St-Maurice River


  • Wakeboard lessons on St-Maurice river
  • Demonstration of wakeboard at the beach party at l’ile St-Quentin (Trois-Rivières)
  • Demonstration of wakeboard pat the Festi-Beach du Lac-à-la-Tortue
  • Wakeboard lessons on St-Maurice river

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